Weekly Meeting Updates


Cookies and Cram with BAM is the perfect opportunity to get to know and connect with other BAM members! Bring your study materials and study. We hope to see you there! We will be serving cookies from Insomnia Cookies!

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Upcoming Events and Leadership Opportunities

BAM Gives Back: Deadline October 6th | Diversity in the Workplace: Deadline October 13th

Leadership opportunity! Apply to be a committee lead for our fall event, Diversity in the Workplace or BAM Gives Back. DiW is our largest diversity-themed event and it's an excellent way to get involved. BAM Gives Back is a philanthropy-based event where you will create a volunteering activity to benefit a local non-profit organization. Both are fantastic opportunities gain more leadership experience and to see if you would like to be a part of the next BAM board. Click HERE to apply! Membership Required